About the Company


I created Financial Vision Bookkeeping for women solo entrepreneurs.  I believe in the whole business and seeing it grow.  My goal is to be your partner, ideator and growth strategist .  I work directly with you to help you understand how your business is doing based on the real numbers and help you define your vision so that you can accomplish your dreams. 

I can take your financials to a new level of organization.  When you're a busy entrepreneur, lets face it, your #1 priority is getting clients, selling your service, or landing that new account.  For some time you have scraped by throwing receipts in a drawer and haphazardly tracking expenses.  If you are finally at a point where you are tired of not knowing what is going on with your business finances and are ready to turn it over to a financial partner who understand what it all means and can help you,  then I am here to help.  No more going this alone and feeling stagnant in your biz.  I am here to help you finally get a handle on those pesky #’s that are slowing you down and keeping you up at night.  Let's get started so you can check "bookkeeping" off your to-do list and create the business of your dreams.


About the Founder


Katie Bray, Chief Solutions Specialist

I am an angeleno at heart.  My ancestor founded Los Angeles and my roots run deep into the city of angels. I have spent most of my life exploring what that means to me and who I am.  I have looked for deep meaning in my origins and have found some beautiful parts of my history.   I lived my whole life in California until recently, I was ready for a change, for seasons, fresh air, and trees, so my husband and two kids packed up and headed to Washington State.  Its still hard to believe this is our new home.   

I’m an avid yogi and enjoy the meditative qualities of the practice.  I lean towards minimalism and am usually looking at how to simplify the items in my life to be a more conscientious consumer.  Like most parents of young children I’m addicted to coffee.  I love listening to the rain while curled up with a good book.  

Before starting FVB I worked for 8 years as the director of finance for a tourism bureau (If your curious about all the fun financial and operational duties I had you can check them out here on Linked in).  I now pursue this dream, to help you find your financial sweet spot, envision your future, and help you get there!  Nothing excites me more than to partner with you on this journey.